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Serving the best North Asian Cuisine

North Asian cuisine is often synonymous with Russian cuisine, due to all of Northern Asia being a part of the Russian Federation. However, some cultures or areas of Siberia have in-depth cuisine, such as the Yakuts (or Sakha) and Yamal cuisine. Buryats also have their own cuisine, although it is very similar to that of the related Mongolians.

In Siberia, pelmeni is frozen outdoors to preserve the meat inside throughout the long winter. 

jonathan doe

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Chefs From The Most Delicious
Corners Of The World

Chef Peter Chapman

He has always woven strong ties with his suppliers, those women and men who share his values and help him fulfill his mission as a cook: to glorify the authentic tastes of each product.

Chef Maria Stell

She has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe, from the UK and France to Singapore and Hong Kong, to the United States.

Chef Mark Williams

He was discovered by French-born Master Chef Roland Henin and was tasked to cook staff meals at The Dunes Club.

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